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Association Update

Recreation ForestLake.jpg

Next Meeting:
Wednesday June 10, 2015 6:30 p.m at
Sweetheart Inn

Welcome to the Newly Elected Officers

President: Gregory Doyle.
Vice-President: Lisa Wagner.
Treasurer: Angela Kalivas.
Secretary: Cheryl Flatley.


NEW: Forest Lake Association-Methuen, Ma Facebook page

Keep Forest Lake Alive
Keep our lake safe and clean--Join now.
Dues are $10.00 per person/ year.(see By-Law #15)
Dues must be paid at the January meeting!
Join with us.

Weed Mitigation

Please Read the Final Report by Aquatic Controls on the Health of the Lake

The effect of chemical lawn care products.We ask you to read the following article

Langston University Aquaculture,Aquatic Vegetation Identification and Control

Please read the report dated October 23, 2012.

Remembrence for Friends of the Lake

Obituary and Remembrances

Association Minutes and Bulletin

Minutes: June 11, 2015
Minutes: April 9, 2015

Archived Minutes

Methuen Rail Trail

March 21,2009, spent an hour or so with the group.
They are trying to bring this section of the Rail Trail to life.
Added a link to this group at the watershed links.
When you get a chance, check out the blog and click through the links.
Your support is needed to help make this trail part of an active outdoor environment for your health and well being.

Nevins Bird sanctuary 002.jpg

Photos on Flickr

images from Salem, Derry and Windham and other trails

2008 Environmental Bill Notes

Environmental Bond Bill 2008
Coalition for the Environmental Bond
Governor Patrick Signs Historic Investment Bill Targeting Energy and Environment
Massachusetts Municipal Association House and Senate OK environmental bond bill

Methuen Health Department

2012 Recreational Water Quality Criteria

Board of Health Meeting Schedule 2012
Board of Health Meeting Schedule 2009
Board of Health Meeting Schedule 2010 Not Posted on City Site
Board of Health Meeting 8/26/2008 BROKEN LINK-City Notified.
Info:Fecal Coliform Bacteria Counts: What They Really Mean About Water Quality
Whitman Report;Chicago: Testing standards development with data

Recreation Usage

Beautiful Forest lake.JPG

This 55-acre, relatively infertile natural great pond has a maximum depth of 28 feet and an average depth of 10 feet.
It is located about two and a half miles east of Methuen center.
Transparency is fair at seven feet, but aquatic vegetation is scarce except for scattered patches in the coves.
Development of the shoreline is moderate to heavy, with the exception of the northeastern end, bordered by town forest.
Public access is provided by a paved beach ramp located off a road through the town forest.
Parking space is limited and the ramp is best suited to car top boats and canoes.



Geo Caching





Town Forest

ATV Use in Massachusetts

Merrimack River trail idea rekindled-2007

Great Pond Definition

No Motor Boat with Internal Combustion Engine

Environmental study

Lycott Environmental, Inc 1988-89 Forest Lake studies




Spicket River Watershed

EPA A Watershed Approach

Spicket River Flood Hazard Mitigation Committee Document (Microsoft WORD)

Historic Stone Arch Bridges in Massachusetts


DEP:Water Commissioners and Local Boards: Roles and Responsibilities for Drinking Water Compliance and Coordination

Drawdown October 2012 Update
Drawdown January 2011 Update
Drawdown September 1,2010 Update
Drawdown December 2009 Update
Drawdown November 2009 Update
Drawdown October 2009 Update

Interesting Lake Facts-nice site

Methuen Greenways

Great Pond Foundation, Edgartown Mass.

Merrimack River Basin,NH
Information articleSale of lakefront land by Church to City of Methuen

Trails and Sails Info

Cobbett's Pond Impovement Association (CPIA)

Cobbetts Pond Consultant response

Al Torrisi T-Shirts

News: Latest News on Proposed Legislation and Regulations.
New legislation introduced in 2009 to protect rivers by State Representative Frank Smizik (Brookline) in the proposed Sustainable Water Resources Act (Bill H 834).
The bill would mandate state adoption of “streamflow standards” in every Massachusetts watershed, which would include specific criteria for protecting fisheries, aquatic life and other “instream” uses such as recreation. The bill would also require the state Office of Dam Safety to consider dam removal as an option for dealing with unsafe dams (removal of obsolete dams is highly beneficial environmentally). Finally, it would authorize public water suppliers to implement “waterbanking,” under which they could charge a small fee for new and expanded service to be spent on measures that conserve water supplies or protect them from pollution. For more information on the bill see: Link.


Eastern Bluebird.gif

Are you interested in seeing the Eastern Bluebird make a return to our Lake and it's environs.
Check out this link, provided by Mr. Ed Nied Jr, about bluebirds.
Attracting Eastern Bluebirds

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